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Split Range Setup

One of the most common ways of addressing multiple process inputs is split range control. A splitter block, which appears as one valve to the PID block, can be used in the control strategy to define a fixed relationship between the controller output and each manipulated process input. In Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, …

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Split-range Control

A wide variety of processes may be described as having one controlled parameter and two or more manipulated process inputs. The challenge from a control perspective is that there is no unique set of input values that are required to maintain the controlled parameter at setpoint. One of the most common ways of addressing multiple …

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Control Loop Foundation Class

The book Control Loop Foundation originated from an internal Emerson training class that I put together for new engineers. The Education Services training center located in Austin, TX provided a class room for this training class. I found this to be an ideal training environment for teaching the class since each class room in the …

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