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Process Simulation – Part 4

In my March 14, 21, and 28th postings I summarized some of the basics associated with design and implementation of process simulation that are addressed in the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes. Simulations based on duplicating the process step response may be effectively used for operator training and control system check. …

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Process Simulation – Part 3

This is the third posting on highlights of Chapter 15, Process Simulation, in Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continous Processes. In my March 14 and 21st postings on process simulation I addressed some of the some basics associated with the integration of process simulation into a control system. In this posting we will start …

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Process Simulation – Part 2

In my March 14 posting on process simulation I addressed some of the some basic technique that may be used to integrate process simulation into a control system. The P&ID often serves as the starting point in the development of a process simulation for control system checkout or operator training. In most cases, one process …

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Process Simulation – Part 1

Process simulation can be an extremely useful tool when working with a control system. Thus, chapter 15 of Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes addresses how to add process simulations to a control system using tools that exist in most control systems. The material in this chapter on process simulation is broken into …

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PID Feedback Control

Many processes have measured and unmeasured disturbance inputs that can significantly impact the value of the controlled and constraint outputs. Process plants are often quite complex and it is not possible for the operating staff to safely and efficiently control the process manually during normal operation. The most common means of providing automatic feedback control …

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Control Loop Foundation Web Site

This week we completed work on the web site for the book Control Loop Foundation. Anyone can access this web site to view and perform the exercises for workshops and applications define in the book – a total of 19 exercises. Since the web site is constructed using HTML5, it may be accessed using a …

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