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Performance Monitoring Tools

Many control system manufacturers and third party companies now offer tools that are designed to monitor process control and instrumentation performance. In addition to providing on-line information that summarizes control utilization, the user may access other information that may be helpful in determining the cause of, and solution to, poor control utilization. In section 3.4 …

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Assessment of Control Performance

To achieve the maximum benefit, the performance monitoring tools that are installed in control systems to evaluate plant control performance should contain features to support both analysis and diagnostics. Process Analysis is the examination of a process, its elements, and their relationships. Process Diagnostics is the investigation of the cause or nature of a process …

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Advanced Control Foundation at Emerson Exchange 2012

The International Society of Automation (ISA) always has a booth at Emerson Exchange to display books published by ISA and make these books available for purchased. The book that Mark Nixon, Willy Wojsznis, I co-authored this year, Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications was published just two weeks before the opening of Emerson …

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