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WirelessHART – Monitoring and Control of On-Off Valves

A number of WirelessHART devices have been introduced over the last few years to monitor the status of on/off valves. For example, the TopWorx 4310 WirelessHART Valve Position Monitor can be used detect linear and rotary movement using non-contact technology with limit switch feedback. Such devices provide a low cost way to monitor the position …

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Performance Monitoring Tools

Many control system manufacturers and third party companies now offer tools that are designed to monitor process control and instrumentation performance. In addition to providing on-line information that summarizes control utilization, the user may access other information that may be helpful in determining the cause of, and solution to, poor control utilization. In section 3.4 …

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Evaluating Control Performance

A plant operator is usually responsible for managing one or more process areas, with (potentially) hundreds of control loops and process measurements in each area. The operator’s job is made easier if the control loops in these process areas are in automatic mode and can compensate automatically for disturbances and maintain the operating conditions the …

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Evaluating Control System Performance

The operation of industrial process control systems often involves the control of multiple unit operations with hundreds of measurements and control loops, as illustrated below. Although these systems are designed to automatically archive operational data in an historian, it is time consuming to examine historical data to determine if there has been a change in …

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