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Adaptive Tuning – Models Identified

The basis of adaptive tuning is the identification of the process step response based on operator changes in the loop operation. For example, when a control loop is in Automatic mode, changes made in the setpoint can trigger process model identification. If the loop mode has been changed to Manual, then changes by the operator …

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Adaptive Tuning – Model Switching

During the development of the DeltaV adaptive tuning capability, we researched and evaluated many of the most common techniques for implementing adaptive tuning. Also, as part of this research we came across a number of technical articles on a relative new adaptive tuning technique known as model switching. This technique depends on the evaluation of …

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Future Perspectives of PID Control

A panel on Future Perspectives of PID Control of was the highlight of the second day of the IFAC PID’12 conference. The panel chairman was Professor Karl Astrom who is widely known throughout the control community for his many contributions in process control. Willy Wojsznis was the speaker on the panel from Emerson. The short …

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Intelligent PID Product Design

Willy Wojsznis is the primary author of a paper on Intelligent PID Product Design that was written for the IFAC PID’12 conference. The paper was scheduled to be presented in the first session of the conference on Wednesday, March 28, 2012. Unfortunately, Willy was delayed in getting to the conference. Thus, since I was a …

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