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Addressing Loop Interaction

In some cases, the manipulated parameter of one control loop can impact the controlled parameter of another control loop as illustrated below. To allow both loops to operate in automatic mode, loop interaction is most often addressed by simply detuning one of the control loops by reducing the proportional gain. The valve (or another final …

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Commissioning Control Systems

The long-term performance of a plant is directly impacted by the care with which the control system is commissioned. Establishing control loop tuning is an important part of the work needed to commission a new plant or an area of the plant in which measurement or control changes have been made. Such work can be …

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Tuning and Loop Performance

During the commissioning of feedback control based on the PID algorithm, the tuning parameters associated with the PID (that is, the proportional, integral and derivative gain) must be set to specific values to achieve the best controller response to setpoint and disturbance input changes. The PID tuning parameters are normally specified as positive, floating-point values …

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Control Loop Foundation

In a previous posting I provided information on a class I put together to help train new software engineers on the basics of process control and field instrumentation. Over the last three years the power point slides, DVD’s of the class lecture, and class room exercises have successfully been used for internally training. In order …

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