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Control Loop Foundation Reprint

A book goes through many reviews and edits before it can be published. Still, it is very difficult for the authors and reviewers to catch all the typo’s in the original text and those that are introduced during the type setting process (formatting for publication). ISA recently notified me that the book that Mark Nixon …

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Commissioning PI Control – Integrating Process

When the control objective is to maintain the controlled parameter of an integrating process at setpoint under all operating conditions, then using PI (proportional-integral or proportional plus reset) controller, it is possible to automatically compensate for changes in disturbance inputs and maintain the controlled parameter at setpoint. However, the application of PI control to an …

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Process Simulation – Part 3

This is the third posting on highlights of Chapter 15, Process Simulation, in Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continous Processes. In my March 14 and 21st postings on process simulation I addressed some of the some basics associated with the integration of process simulation into a control system. In this posting we will start …

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Process Characterization – Integrating Process

In some cases, a step change in a process input will result in the process output changing continuously. A process that exhibits such a response is known as an integrating process. As part of the chapter on process characterization in Chapter 9 of Control Loop Foundation, we address integrating process response. In the process industry, …

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