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How to Succeed – Part 10

We conclude with a summary on how you can avoid bursts of oscillations, get to setpoint faster, choose the right execution time and filter, coordinate the speed of loops, optimize operations without while protecting equipment, provide a consistent flow response for model predictive control, eliminate limit cycles, and improve analyzer and wireless control loops (all …

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PID Unleashed

The full power of the PID is rarely utilized. The section Industrial-Applications-of-PID-Control in the soon to be book published by Springer titled PID Control in the third Millennium: Lessons Learned and New Approaches explores key PID features and provides examples for addressing challenging applications and control objectives for common unit operation applications in the process industry.


Opportunity for Minimizing Loop Interaction

Aggressive action by one loop can upset another loop while attempting fast tight control. The most common example involves loops sharing a common utility or raw material resource, often in piping branches off of a header. The enhanced PID for wireless (PIDPlus) can eliminate the limit cycles that would spread throughout the system. The addition …

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