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Selecting Control Response

After the process characteristics are identified, the information is then used to calculate the recommended loop tuning. The tuning rules used to derive controller parameters from process characteristics can be chosen as appropriate for the specific process and the desired speed of response. As addressed in Chapter 4 of Advanced Control Foundtion – Tools, Techniques, …

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Applications – Continuous Chemical Reactor

As mentioned in my previous blogs on the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes, the application examples included in Chapter 16 illustrate the various ways single loop and multi-loop control techniques may be used automate plant control. The third workshop exercise in this chapter allows the reader to explore the different features …

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Cascade Control

Cascade control may be applied when a process is composed of two or more (sub)processes in series. To apply cascade control, the output of each of these processes must be measured. The input to the first process is directly manipulated. Since the output of each process in the series is the primary input of the …

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