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Evaluating Valve/Actuator Performance

When a control loop is placed in automatic control, it is easy to detect if a valve or actuator is not responding correctly to the control system. As discussed in Chapter 3 of Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques and Application, this can be done by observing the response of the controlled parameter to control …

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Assessment of Control Performance

To achieve the maximum benefit, the performance monitoring tools that are installed in control systems to evaluate plant control performance should contain features to support both analysis and diagnostics. Process Analysis is the examination of a process, its elements, and their relationships. Process Diagnostics is the investigation of the cause or nature of a process …

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How to Get Started With Advanced Control

A new track called “Meet the Experts” was added this year to Emerson Exchange. The workshops for this track were schedule for the last day of the conference, Friday, Oct 8th. Even so, from what I observed these workshops were well attended and thus I hope this track will continue to be offered in the …

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Guidelines for Setting Filtering and Module Execution Rate

Many digital controllers used in the process industry today allow the end user to specify the control loop period of execution. However, books on process control often provide little or no information on how execution period impacts control performance. Also, no mention is made of the fact that the amount of filtering needed to avoid …

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