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Control Loop Foundation

The Control Loop Foundation web site may be used to gain practical experience by performing workshop and application exercises. Once a workshop or application is selected, then you may access the associated directions. Also, an interactive workspace is provided to perform the lab. The dynamic process simulations used for these workshops provide an environment that …

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2011.03.29: PID Unleashed 2011.03.28: Process Simulation – Part 3 2011.03.25: Can’t Get No Satisfaction 2011.03.21: Process Simulation – Part 2 2011.03.17: Master of Space and Time 2011.03.14: Process Simulation – Part 1 2011.03.09: Split Range Control Deminar #12 Review 2011.03.09: The Confluence of Legends 2011.03.08: Split Range Control Deminar #12 Announcement 2011.03.07: Model Predictive Control …

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Teaching the 9025 Class – Costa Rica

The week of January 8th, 2012 I traveled to our office in Costa Rica to teach the 9025 class. This class was created last year by Emerson’s education department to provide training on the basics of process control and instrumentation. The lecture material and student workshops included in the class are based on the book …

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Emerson Exchange – 2011

This year Emerson Exchange will be held October 24-28 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Emerson Exchange is a forum for the free exchange of non-proprietary information among the global user community of all Emerson Process Management’s products and services. The technical sessions in this conference cover a wide range of industry …

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YouTube and Slideshare Presentations Ammonia Plant H/N Ratio Control Application Workshop Solution From: ControlLoopBook | November 04, 2010 This video shows the solution to the ammonia plant H/N control workshop contained in the book Control Loop Foundation. Play the YouTube Video Share the Video: Batch Chemical Reactor Application Workshop Solution From: ControlLoopBook | November …

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Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques and Applications Authors Terrence Blevins, Willy K. Wojzsnis and Mark Nixon, Published September 1, 2012 Description: In this book, the authors address the concepts and terminology that are needed to apply advanced control techniques in the process industry. The book is written for the process or control engineer that …

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About Us

Welcome to You will find that our posts focus on technical aspects of process control and simulation. The information provided will be based on our experiences in these areas. Between us, we have a broad range of experience in the design and commissioning of batch and continuous process control systems and the development and …

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PID Feedback Control

Many processes have measured and unmeasured disturbance inputs that can significantly impact the value of the controlled and constraint outputs. Process plants are often quite complex and it is not possible for the operating staff to safely and efficiently control the process manually during normal operation. The most common means of providing automatic feedback control …

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Measurement and Valve Errors – Sources and Impact

For purposes of analysis of the impact on industrial process control, the sources of a PID input error (deviation between the true process variable and the measurement signal) and a PID output error (deviation between valve-VFD signal and actual stroke-speed) are (Measurement-Valve-Errors.pdf): (1) Offset (2) Drift (3) Nonlinearity (4) Interference (5) Noise (6) Hysteresis (7) …

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Control Loop Foundation Web Site

This week we completed work on the web site for the book Control Loop Foundation. Anyone can access this web site to view and perform the exercises for workshops and applications define in the book – a total of 19 exercises. Since the web site is constructed using HTML5, it may be accessed using a …

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