Automatic Control: Future Challenges, Solutions, and Systems

I had the pleasure of attending the Second International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communication and Signal Processing EBCCSP2016, Krakow, Poland, June 13-15, 2016. On the first day of the conference I gave an industrial keynote presentation on Automatic Control: Future Challenges, Solutions, and Systems. Also, Willy Wojsznis attended the conference and presented a paper. Below is a picture of Willy and me at the entrance to the conference building at AGH University.

In my presentation I addressed many of the challenges and solutions that will move automatic control to new heights. In particular, much of the presentation focused on the great practical value and tremendous challenges associated with the automation of startup and shut-down and production transitions of continuous processes and how the evolving ISA106 standard addresses the terms and definitions for the event based control for such automation. Also, I discuss how a combination of process knowledge, available process measurements, and in some cases wireless measurements, may be used in event based control to more fully automate process startup and process transitions. I touch on the fact that future control systems may utilize the technical foundation originally developed for Big Data applications and mobile devices to more fully automate the detection and correction of abnormal operating conditions and enhance decision making. You may listen to my presentation using the link below.