Wireless Control Foundation – Part 1, Background

Mark Nixon and I hosted a short course at Emerson Exchange 2015 titled Wireless Control Foundation. In this short course the book authors present key areas of the book Wireless Control Foundation that was published by ISA in October, 2014. This book addresses control techniques that enable closed loop control using wireless valves and wireless transmitter. It is designed to bring an engineer quickly up to speed on the fundamentals of closed loop control using wireless field devices. Examples are used to illustrate how wireless devices may be applied in control application. Web based exercises are used to re-enforce control concepts and learning. The presentation in this session was broken into three parts. In part 1 Mark Nixon addresses; the History and Background, Wireless Field Devices, Commissioning Wireless Devices and Diagnosing Field Operation.


If you have an interest in wireless history and background you can view a video of this portion of the short course presented by Mark Nixon using the link below.

In my next two blogs I will provide information and links to videos that address the other part of this short course.