Event Based Control Applied to Wireless Throttling Valves

Willy Wojsznis, Mark Nixon and I co-author the paper Event Based Control Applied to Wireless Throttling Valves for the “1st European Experts’ Workshop On Emerging Trends In Event Based Systems”. In this paper we address the performance achieved in a flow lab using an industrial size prototype wireless throttling valve in closed loop control of a liquid flow process.

Flow Lab Test of Wireless Control

The paper presentation I gave in the workshop addresses the PID modifications and communication support that enable effective control using wireless throttling valves. To conserve the battery power used by a wireless positioner, the PID in a control system can be modified to minimize changes to the actuator position. A new WirelessHART command is proposed that allows the PID to compensate for communications delays from the control system to wireless throttling valve. Results of field trials were presented that document the control performance using a wireless valve using both a wired and wireless transmitter for the flow measurement. If you are interested in learning more about control using a wireless throttling valve then you can access this presentation using the link below.