Wireless for Control

At Emerson Exchange, 2014 I participated in technology forum panel discussion on control using wireless measurements and valves . The panelists were:

  • Terry Blevins, Principal Technologist, Emerson Process Management
  • Scott Broadley, President, Broadley-James Corporation
  • Mitch Panther, Senior Design Engineer, Fisher Controls
  • Bailee Roach, PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin
  • Eric Rotvold, Distinguished Technologist, Rosemount

In this forum, the panel members addressed control using wireless field devices. With data reliability that exceeds 99.9%, WirelessHART (IEC 62591) may be used to address a wide variety of control applications. In this session the panelists discuss how PIDPlus tecnollgy enables closed loop control using WirelessHART measurements and throttling valve. I have created a YouTube video by combining an audio recording with the slides used in the presentation. If you are interested in control using wireless field devices then I would encourage you to view this YouTube video using the window below.