Using Wireless Throttling Valves in Column Control

At Emerson Exchange 2014 I worked with Stephen Briggs, University Of Texas, Austin and Kurtis Jensen, Emerson Process Management, to co-host a workshop on control using a wireless throttling valve. As addressed in this presentation, we have tested in a flow lab the control performance that may be achieved using PIDPlus with a wireless throttling valves. This capability will be tested next year at the UT Pickle Research Center on an 6” distillation column. The flow lab test results indicate that the control achieved using PIDPlus with a wireless throttling valve is comparable to that achieved using a wired valve for a variety of flow control applications. In the presentation we provided formation on control implementation and results achieved with PIDPlus and a WirelessHART throttling valve where both wired and WirelessHART transmitters were used to provide the control measurement. I have created a YouTube video by combining an audio recording with the slides used in the presentation. If you are interested in control using wireless field devices then I would encourage you to view this YouTube video using the window below.