Wireless Control Presentation – ACC 2014

This last week I gave a paper presentation at the American Control Conference, Portland, OR. The topic of this paper was PID Control Using Wireless Measurements. I co-authored the paper with Mark Nixon and Willy Wojsznis. Below is a picture taken during the presentation.

This paper presents a wireless PID controller, known as PIDPlus. The same quality control as wired PID can be provided by PIDPlus using a wireless measurement, despite slower wireless measurement update and communication interruptions. The PIDPlus novel algorithm is based on a modification of the PID reset and rate calculation to account for non-periodic measurement updates. The paper presents and evaluates an alternate approach of PID control accounting for non-periodic measurements with a Kalman filter observer that has been modified for use with a wireless measurement. A second alternative shows how the Smith Predictor may be modified to work with a wireless measurement. Test results are presented that compare the PIDPlus performance to that achieved using these alternate approaches for a variety of operating conditions that may be encountered when using wireless transmitters.
I have created a video based on the presentation that I gave at ACC 2014 which may be viewed using the embedded link below. If you are considering using a wireless measurement in control then I hope you find the video of help.