Control Loop Foundation Reprint

A book goes through many reviews and edits before it can be published. Still, it is very difficult for the authors and reviewers to catch all the typo’s in the original text and those that are introduced during the type setting process (formatting for publication). ISA recently notified me that the book that Mark Nixon and I co-authored, Control Loop Foundation-Batch and Continuous Processes, is scheduled to be reprinted later this year. When a book is reprinted there is an opportunity to make minor changes in the text and figure to correct known typos. Thus, the typos listed in the errata section of the book’s web site will be corrected in this reprint. Unfortunately it is not always possible for the publisher to insert new material in a reprint because this introduces a shift in page and figure numbers and thus impacts the book layout. However, when I teach the Emerson Educational Services 9025 class (based on this book) it is possible to add material not included in the book. An example of material I add to the class presentation and discussion is shown below. In the future we plan to modify  The Book section of the book’s web site to include this type of added material.