IEC TC65 Standards Work

The international standards for industrial-process measurement, control and automation are developed through IEC TC65. As stated on the IEC web site, the standards developed by TC65 address systems and elements used for industrial-process measurement and control concerning continuous and batch processes. These standards address equipment and systems operating with electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical or other systems of measurement and/or control. Some of this work is done by working groups (WG) that report directly to IEC TC65. However, many of the standards are developed by working groups that are within the four TC 65 subcommittees:

  • SC65A – System aspects – Generic aspects of systems used in industrial-process measurement and control.
  • SC65B – Measurement and control devices – Standardization in the field of specific aspects of devices (hardware and software) used in industrial process measurement and control
  • SC65C – Industrial networks – Digital Data Communications sub-systems for industrial-process measurement and control
  • SC65E – Devices and integration in enterprise systems – Digital representation of device properties and functions, methodologies and applications supporting automation of engineering processes.

A list of the standards that are currently being worked on can be seen through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) web site. Access to draft standards is restricted to people that are directly involved in the review and development of the standards. However, anyone can purchase copies of published standards through the IEC webstore – screen capture shown below.