WirelessHART – Monitoring and Control of On-Off Valves

A number of WirelessHART devices have been introduced over the last few years to monitor the status of on/off valves. For example, the TopWorx 4310 WirelessHART Valve Position Monitor can be used detect linear and rotary movement using non-contact technology with limit switch feedback. Such devices provide a low cost way to monitor the position of automated on-off valves. Also, the 4310 can be used to monitor the position of a hand valve as illustrated below.

The TopWorx 4310 may also be used to wirelessly control an on-off valve if the valve is equipped with an actuator. The following example shows how level control of a tank was automated using a WirelessHART Rosemount 702 discrete input to detect high level and the WirelessHART TopWorx 4310 to remotely control the on-off valve and monitor its position.

Before the TopWorx 4310 product was introduced it was field tested at several plants. The following video was made at one plant that participated in field trial. The customer’s enthusiasm for wireless control using the 702 and 4310 is evident in the video – hope you enjoy this video.