Wireless Control – ACC 2014

The 2014 American Control Conference, ACC, will be held Wednesday through Friday, June 4 – 6, at the Hilton Portland & Executive Tower, Portland, OR. As noted on the conference web site, the ACC is internationally recognized as a premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of control theory and practice. Last year Mark Nixon, Willy Wojsznis and I submitted a paper to this conference titled PID Control Using Wireless Measurements. We were recently notified that this paper has been accepted and will soon be assigned a slot in one of the conference paper sessions. Since I will be in Portland that June 2-3  for an IEC standards committee meeting, I plan on giving the paper presentation.

In the paper we compare the performance of the DeltaV PIDPlus to other approaches for implementing closed loop control using a wireless measurement. The abstract for the paper is shown below:

  • Abstract— This paper presents a wireless PID controller, known as PIDPlus. The same quality control as wired PID can be provided by PIDPlus using a wireless measurement, despite slower wireless measurement update and communication interruptions. The PIDPlus novel algorithm is based on a modification of the PID reset and rate calculation to account for non-periodic measurement updates. The paper presents and evaluates an alternate approach of PID control accounting for non-periodic measurements with a Kalman filter observer that has been modified for use with a wireless measurement. A second alternative shows how the Smith Predictor may be modified to work with a wireless measurement. Test results are presented that compare the PIDPlus performance to that achieved using these alternate approaches for a variety of operating conditions that may be encountered when using wireless transmitters.

If you plan on installing WirelessHART transmitters for use in closed loop control then this paper may be of interest. Copies of the paper will be available soon after the conference. Also, there is still time to register for this conference if you would like to sit in on this paper presentation. However, it is good idea to book a hotel room soon since Portland is a very popular city and the hotels are often full during summer months.