High Speed Wireless Control

I was recently sent a link to a YouTube video of a control demonstration by professor Raffaello D’Andrea, The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. ETH is one of the world’s leading universities for technology and the natural sciences. I found the demonstration by Professor D’Andrea to be very impression. It illustrates in a fun manner what is possible from a control perspective using wireless technology. A link to this YouTube video is shown below.

Unlike many industrial processes, the flying quadcopter used in this demonstration is a very well defined process i.e. known mass and dynamic behavior. Within the university significant resources could be focused on the control design. Also, the control was based on extremely high speed wireless IO updates since for this a short demonstration there were essentially no limitations on battery power consumption. Still the video is a good demonstration of what is possible from a control perspective using high speed wireless IO update. I hope you enjoy this demonstration.