WirelessHART – Level Switch

In many tank level control applications, a level switch is installed and used as an interlock to help prevent overfilling the tank. For example, in many existing installations you may find a vibrating fork liquid level switch wired as an input to the control system. However, today it is possible to reduce the cost of installing a level switch by choosing a WirelessHART vibrating fork liquid level switch. For example the Rosemount 2106 WirelessHART vibrating fork level switch shown below has the same features that are supported by the wired level switches in the Rosemount 2100 series. For example, the same health diagnostics capability is provided by the WirelessHART device.

The following example shows how the 2160 has been installed on a tank to detect overflow.

The level switch input provided by the 2160 may be used within the control system to generate an operator alarm. Also, this input may be used for example as in an interlock that can shut down the feed pump or close the feed valve to the tank if high level is detected.