WirelessHART – Discrete Measurement

Many manufacturers initially introduced WirelessHART field devices that were designed to support continuous process measurements such pressure, flow, temperature, and level. Also, WirelessHART transmitters are now available for analytical measurements such as pH. Recently you may have noticed that some manufacturers have introduced WirelessHART field devices for discrete measurement. For example, Rosemount has released the 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter, shown below.

The 702 WirelessHART discrete transmitter is designed to take a variety of non-powered switch types such as pressure, flow and level switches as input. It has single or dual channel capacity. The following example shows how the 702 dual input capability is being used to monitoring a Safety Shower and Eyewash station.

Such WirelessHART devices allow discrete measurements to be made at low cost. My next two blogs will address other types of WirelessHART discrete transmitters and actuators and show how these may be used to address different monitoring and control applications.