Finding a Patent

When exploring a new area of technology, it is often helpful to find out what patents have been granted or are pending. The patent office allows anyone to explore the patent office database free of charge. A quick search capability is provide that allows you to easily find out what patent have been granted to an individual or to a company. Below is a screen capture showing the Quick Search interface where in this example the name of the inventor and state are the basis for the search.

The search result is a list of patents that were found and a brief description of each patent. By clicking on the patent number then the full patent can be read. An example of a search results are shown below.

Once the patent number is known, then another web site can be accessed free of charge to get a pdf file copy of the patent with the figures inserted. For example, if the patent number of interest is US 8,289, 533, then the request entry is shown below.

In response, a pdf file is created that may be saved to your computer or printed as shown below. Thus, it is quite easy to find out what patents have been awarded to an individual or company.