Willy Wojsznis – ISA Fellow

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Fellow grade is provided to qualified senior ISA members who have made exceptional engineering or scientific contributions to the field of automation that advance the state of the art. Nomination requires a minimum of five Fellow evaluators or a combination of nine Fellows and Senior Members. The candidates nominated for ISA Fellow are reviewed and recommended by the Society’s Admissions Committee, and elected by the Executive Board. This year Dr. Willy Wojsznis was inducted as an ISA Fellow in an Awards ceremony held November 4th, 2013, at ISA Automation Week. In the awards ceremony, Willy was recognized for revolutionary development of a range of innovative algorithms, prototypes and designs for advanced control embedded into distributed control systems. The following picture shows Willy speaking at the awards ceremony.

Willy and I have worked closely together at Emerson since 1992. He was the first members of our advanced control program. We contributed to as co-authors to two books that have received the Raymond D. Molloy Award (ISA bestseller award): Advanced Control Unleashed: Plant Performance Management for Optimum Benefit and Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications. Over the years Willy has made significant contributions to the development of the advanced control tools that are embedded in DeltaV. He has over forty patents granted and over sixty papers published. Willy publications have received several awards including: ISA Control Conference 2006 Best Paper Award and ISA Transactions Best Paper Award 2008. In 2012 Willy was induced into the Process Automation Hall of Fame. Please join me in congratulation Willy on becoming an ISA Fellow.