Raymond D. Molloy Award

In early October, 2013, Willy Wojsznis, Mark Nixon and I were notified by the ISA Publications Department that we were the recipients of the “Raymond D. Molloy Award”. The book we co-authored, Advanced Control Foundation: Tools, Techniques, and Applications, sold the most units of any new book published by ISA in 2012. The publication award’s ceremony was held during ISA Automation Week in the Nashville Convention Center Ballroom on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013. Dave Adler, vice president of publications, presented us the award plaque. A picture taken during the award ceremony is shown below.

It was gratifying to receive this award since the book summarizes much of our work in advanced control over the last 18 years. Many of the application examples included in the books illustrate advanced control tools and products that are embedded in the DeltaV control system. In the book, we included information on some new developments, such as batch data analytics, released this fall in DeltaV, and continuous data analytics, which is currently in field test. Also, we added a chapter on intelligent PID that gives some detail on the DeltaV PID modifications, known as PIDPlus, which enable closed loop control using a wireless measurement. The web site that goes with the book allows the reader to view YouTube videos that show the solution to workshops included in the book.  In the book’s acknowledgment section we list many of the people who have supported and encouraged our work over the years. Also, we acknowledge the valuable contribution that Susan Colwell, Manager, Publications Development, made in the review, editing, and publication of the book.