ISA104 Meeting at ISA Automation Week

The ISA104 standard committee, Device Integration, met on Monday, November 4th, in conjunction with ISA Automation Week in Nashville, TN. The ISA104 committee consists of 30 people from the USA, Singapore, Japan, France, Germany, UK, China, Canada, and Columbia that have varied backgrounds in industry and universities. Committee members that could not travel to Nashville were invited to participate in the meeting through Live Meeting. Below is a picture taken during Stephen Mitschke’s presentation in this meeting.

The ISA104 meeting discussions focused on the significant progress that has been made in the development of the Field Device Integration (FDI) standard (IEC 62769). Earlier this month the final FDI specification was released and a FDI demonstration given at Namur. FDI is targeted for approval as an IEC standard in 2014 and tools for FDI development will be made available at that time to equipment manufacturers. The IEC 65E/WG7 and IEC 65E/ WG4 liaison reports in the meeting detailed how support for FDI is being incorporated into the IEC standards for Function blocks (FB) for process control and EDDL ( IEC 61804) and for Field Device Tool (FDT) Interface ( IEC 62453).
In the ISA104 meeting, Stephen Mitschke gave an invited presentation on Field Device Integration (FDI) – The Key to Interoperability. The presentation addresses the history of FDI development and how the technology is designed to carry industry into the future. You can see and listen to this presentation using the embedded link shown below.

The presentation is approximately 42 minutes in length.  The timing for each section of the presentation is shown below:

  • 0-4 Introduction
  •  4-11 Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL)
  • 11-14 Field Device Tool (FDT)
  •  14-18 Field Device Integration (FDI)
  • 18-21 FDI Cooperation
  • 21- 34 FDI Features, Benefits to End User
  • 34-38 Tools for FDI Development
  • 38-41 Demonstration at Namur
  •  41- 42 Summary

As is detailed in this presentation, FDI combines the best features of EDDL and FDI technologies.