Application of On-line Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit

Lubrizol Corporation has installed at the Deer Park, TX plant a field trail version of Emerson’s Continuous Data Analytics capability. Over the last year Qiwei Li, production engineer, and Robert Wojewodka, Technology Manager and Statistician, have developed PCA/PLS models to predict quality parameter and detect faults for the Polybutene and refrigerant compressor units at the Deer Park site. Efren Hernandez, Process Automation Engineer, played a key role in the installation of the field trial station and on-line web based interface for data analytics. At Emerson Exchange 2013, Qiwei Li, Robert Wojewodka, Efren Hernandez and I co-hosted a workshop on: Application of On-line Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit. In this workshop, we presented the 2013 field trial results for a continuous polybutene process and the lessons learned in model development and deployment of the user interface. This paper won Best-in-Track at Emerson Global Users Exchange 2013. The picture below shows the awards ceremony held on October 3rd, 2013.

You can see and listen to this presentation using the embedded link shown below.

The presentation is approximately 42 minutes in length:

  •  0-3 Introduction
  • 3-8 General Concepts – Data Analytics
  • 8-11 On-line Continuous Data Analytics
  • 11-14 Scope of Field Trail at Deer Park
  • 15-17 Refrigeration Unit – Efficiency Prediction and Fault Detection
  • 17- 28 Polybutene Unit – Model development, Operator Feedback
  •  28-33 Layers of Network Architecture, Field Trial Installation
  • 33-36 Summary of Results
  • 36- 42 Additional Information, Future Work, Question/Answers

You can skip to the portions of the presentation that are of interest using the controls provided in the embedded view show above. We hope you find this workshop of interest.