Process Education on Demand

In Emerson’s boot camp for new engineers, I teach the portion on process control based on our book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes. Each student receives a copy of this book. Customer may receive the same process control training by attending a 4 ½ day class, Control Loop Foundation – 9025, offered by our education department in Austin, TX. However, anyone that works in a plant may find it difficult for to be away from work for a week. Also, the expense associated with travel and lodging may be a barrier to attend a class in Austin. Thus, I am working with our education department to convert the 9025 class into an eLearning class, Control Loop Foundation – e9025, that can be taken anywhere as time permits. To highlight this new eLearning opportunity, I co-hosted with Mike Brouse, Manager Learning Solutions, a workshop at Emerson Exchange earlier this month titled Process Education on Demand – a picture taking during the workshop is shown below.

In this workshop we provided information about the online training available through Emerson Process educational services. Effective, consistent, easy to access on-line courses have been developed to address customer training requirements. An education portal is available on-line with 24×7 access to a variety of online courses that include comprehensive exams and workshops. We provided information on this new online learning portal and online course library. The “new” online Control Loop Foundation course was used in the workshop to demonstrate this on-line learning capability and how students learn and get gain hands on experience with single loop and multi-loop control techniques.
You can see and listen to this presentation using the embedded link shown below.

The presentation is approximately 27 minutes in length:

  • 0-4 Introduction, Removing Barriers to Learning
  •  4-8 Blended Learning, online training
  • 8-12 Control Loop Foundation – background, outline
  • 12-20 Example for Course – Ratio Control
  • 20–24 Web interface for Workshops
  • 24-27 Education Services

Copies of Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Process, may be purchased through ISA and Amazon and are available in print (English) or as an eBook (English and Chinese). The web site that goes with the book, Control Loop Foundation, may be freely accessed using a web browser to view and perform the 19 workshops included in the book.