Continuous Data Analytics – Field Trail Results

Over the last two years the future architecture team has conducted field tests of a continuous data analytics capability for quality parameter prediction and process and measurement fault detection. This continuous data analytics capability is addressed in Chapter 9 of Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques and Applications. The workshop for this chapter is designed to illustrate how this capability may be applied in the process industry. A YouTube video that shows the workshop solution can be viewed on the book’s web site. The operator interface for continuous data analytics is illustrated below.

At Emerson Exchange the field trail results achieved thus far at Lubizol, Deer Park, TX and at Huntsman, Free Port, TX will be presented in the following session:

  •  8-4240 – Application of On-line Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit, Tuesday, Oct 1, 10am, in the Dallas 6 room, and at 2pm, in the Palomino 1 room. Note: This presentation has been nominated for best in track at Emerson Exchange.
  • 8-4775 – Challenges and Solutions in Data Analytics Application for a Distillation Column, Tuesday, Oct 1, 2pm, in the Grapevine 4 room and Thursday, Oct 3, 8am in the in Fort Worth 7 room.

If you have an interest in learning more about how this technology has been applied in these industrial applications then I invite you to sit in on these presentations at Emerson Exchange.