Application of the Kalman Filter in Process Control

A paper published in 1960 by Rudolf Kálmán “A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems” is the basis for the Kalman Filter. The Kalman filter uses a dynamics model, measured control input(s) and process measurement(s) to estimate the process output. A wide variety of applications have successfully utilized Kalman filtering:

  •  The guidance of commercial airplanes
  • Seismic data processing,
  • Vehicle navigation and control (e.g. the Apollo vehicle),
  • Radar tracking algorithms for ABM applications

However, the complexity of the Kalman filter algorithm is often a barrier in the application of this filtering technique in the process industry. The original Kalman filter was designed to address a general multi-variate environment where the process and measurement noise covariance are known or may be calculated.  At Emerson Exchange, Willy Wojsznis and I will host a workshop that addresses the implementation of a scalar Kalman Filter for use in closed loop control of industrial processes that are characterized by one manipulated input and one controlled parameter.

In the workshop we introduce a DeltaV linked composite that allows Kalman filtering to be used with the PID block in closed loop control. This capability may be easily applied in control applications when the measurement is characterized by process noise. Also a DeltaV module is available that may be used to get more familiar with the Kalman filter in a test environment. In the workshop we discuss how this Kalman Filter composite and test module may be accessed through application exchange at the DeltaV Interactive Portal and installed on any version of DeltaV. Documentation is also provide, as illustrated below.

If you have an interest in learning more about the Kalman filter and how it may be applied in control applications, then I invite you to sit in on this workshop at Emerson Exchange.
 8-4361 – Addressing Control in the Presence of Process and Measurement Noise | Terry Blevins, Willy Wojsznis
This workshop will be given two times at Emerson Exchange: Tuesday, Oct 1st, 8am in the Palomino room and Wednesday, Oct 2nd, at 2:15pm in the in Texas 5 room.