Chinese Translation of Control Loop Foundation

A translation of the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes is now available on the ISA web site as an e-book in ePub or mobi format. The ePub format is used by most dedicated e-book readers such as Android devices and iPad, iPhone, and iPod, Kobo eReader and Sony Reader. The mobi formant is support primarily by the Kindle e-book reader. Several desktop reader software programs are also available for e-books in either of these formats. We hope this translation of the book will make the book more accessible in China and in other countries that use the Chinese language. Below is a screen capture showing the cover of the e-book.


Dr. Deji Chen, who is a member of Emerson’s future architecture team, translated the book to Chinese and was responsible for the final review and edit of the Chinese translation. Also, Dr. Quan Wang gave a lot of assistance during the translation. Wanqing Liu from the Emerson Process Management Xi’an Laboratory reviewed the first draft. Bruce Yao, et. al., from the Emerson Process Management Shanghai Headquarter went through the book in great detail; they corrected a lot of errors on technical terms and grammars. Susan Colwell, Manager, Publications Development, ISA, actively supported publication of the e-book.

In the future we hope of offer translations of the book in other languages.