Meet The Expert Session – Advanced Control Foundation

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Willy Wojsznis and I hosted a Meet the Expert session at Emerson Exchange 2012 that covers key points contained in the book Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications. Below is a picture from this session.

I received permission from the Emerson board to record the audio portion of the presentation. Using the tools available in Slideshare, I have combined the audio with the slides to create a video of the presentation. Thus, If you did not attend Emerson Exchange 2012 and would like to learn more about this book then you can see the slides and listen to the presentation using the embedded link below.

The total presentation is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. If you do not have time to listen to the complete presentation, then using the controls that are provided above you can skip to the portions of the presentation that are of interest. Below is the approximate time at which we start to discuss a new topic.

  • Introduction to the book 0 minutes
  • Maximizing Return on Control System Investment 15
  • Evaluating Control System Performance 20
  • On-demand Tuning 30
  • Adaptive Tuning 36
  • Fuzzy Logic Control 47
  • Web Site Demo/discussion 48
  • Intelligent PID (PIDPlus) 53
  • Neural Networks 58
  • Batch and Continuous Data Analytics 1:00
  • Simple MPC 1:07
  • MPC Integrated with Optimization 1:09
  • On-line Optimization, Process Simulation 1:11
  • Integrating Advanced Control into a DCS 1:13
  • Business Results, Summary, References 1:14

If you are interested in purchasing the book or in learning more about the book, then the book is available for purchase at the ISA web site. Also, the paperback version of the book is available for purchase on Amazon. The web site for the book can be freely accessed by anyone using their web browser. On this web site there are 10 minute YouTube videos that show the solutions to the book’s workshops.