Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process

DeltaV Online Batch Data Analytics will be introduced next year in DeltaV v12. We worked closely with Lubrizol to demonstrate a prototype of this product in a field trails at the Rouen, France facility. Lubrizol and Emerson collaborated on a number of Emerson Exchange workshops that addressed different aspects of batch data analytics and the field trail results. As we began to present information on batch data analytics, many customers indicated that they would like to also apply data analytics to their continuous process. Thus, in 20010 the future architecture team initiated a project to research on-line continuous data analytics. The resulting multi-state PCA and PLS technology for continuous data analytics is currently being field tested at three customer sites. One of these field trail sites is Lubrizol, Deer Park, TX. I worked with Regina Stone and Bob Wojewodka, Lubrizol, to put together an Emerson Exchange 2012 workshop on this field trial, Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit. The picture below was taken during the workshop presentation.

I received permission from the Emerson board to record the audio portion of the presentation. Using the tools available in Slideshare, I have combined the audio with the slides to create a video of the presentation. Thus, if you did not attend Emerson Exchange 2012 and would like to learn more about online continuous data analytic then you can see the slides and listen to the presentation using the embedded link below.

The total presentation is 35 minutes in length. If you do not have time to listen to the complete presentation, then using the controls that are provided above you can skip to the portions of the presentation that are of interest. Below is the approximate time at which we start to discuss a new topic.

  • Introduction                                            0 minutes
  • Lubrizol and Field trail Collaboration    2
  • Background and General Concepts       4
  • Addressing Continuous Processes          9
  • Field Trail Scope                                    14
  • Applications and Model Building          17
  • On-line Interface                                   23
  • Areas for Improvement                         26
  • Summary and More Information         31

If you are interested in learning more about the data analytics, then application examples and information about the DeltaV tools for on-line data analytics are provided in the book Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications. Two chapters in the book are dedication to continuous and batch data analytics. This book is available for purchase at the ISA web site and Amazon. The web site for the book can be freely accessed by anyone using their web browser. By accessing the batch and continuous data analytics workshops you can watch a 10 minute YouTube videos in which these technologies are demonstrated.