Emerson Exchange 2012

If you attended Emerson Exchange 2012 in Anaheim, California, Oct 8-12th then I am sure you will agree this event exceeded all expectations. With over 350 workshops and short course to select from, it was always easy to find a presentation of interests. The exhibit area was open the first three days from 4-8pm. In the advanced control booth we gave demonstrations of DeltaV advanced products. Also, in this booth we showed off the continuous data analytics prototype that is currently in field trials. A picture of the advanced control booth at Emerson Exchange, 2012 is shown below.

At Emerson Exchange we make always make an effort to sponsor workshops and /or short courses on work that is being done by the future architecture team. This year I was a co-presenter in two workshops. In one workshop, Bob Wojewodka and Regina Stone, Lubrizol, and I presented information on the continuous data analytics field trail at Lubrizol, Deer Park, TX. In the second workshop Mark Zielinski, Mark Nixon and I discussed the PIDPlus capability in DeltaV and how this capability enables effective control using WirelessHART devices:

  • Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit
  • Addressing Control Applications Using WirelessHART Devices

Also, I co-presented in one short course with Mark Nixon that addressed the development of the Control Loop Foundation web site:

  • The Semantic Web – An Inside Look at the Creation of Control Loop Foundation

On Friday morning at Emerson Exchange, Willy Wojsznis and I hosted a Meet the Expert session that covered key points contained in the book we co-authored with Mark Nixon, Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications:

  • Advanced Control Foundation – Tools & Techniques

I got permission from the Emerson Exchange board to record the audio portion of these four presentations. Using the tools provided on Slideshare, I have combined the audio portion of these presentations with the slides to create a video. Over the next month I will be doing blogs on Emerson Exchange, the two workshops and the Meet the Expert session. These blogs incorporate an embedded link to these videos of the workshop and Meet the Expert presentations. Thus, if you did not have an opportunity to attend Emerson Exchange and want to learn more about these topics then you can access these blogs to view and listen to the presentation videos. Also, Mark Nixon will be doing a blog later this month that includes a video of the short course presentation.