Continuous Data Analytics

One of the areas addressed by the DeltaV future architecture team over the last two years has been the research and development of on-line continuous data analytics for fault detection quality parameter prediction. This year a prototype of this capability is being tested at two plants in Texas and one plant in Canada. Lubrizol, Deer Park, is one of the field trail installations in Texas. At Emerson Exchange 2012 part of the Lubrizol field trial team (Regina Stone, Process Improvement Engineer, Robert Wojewodka, Technology Manager and Statistician, and Efren Hernandez, Process Automation Engineer) and I will present some of the preliminary results from the field trial.

At Lubrizol the field trial of continuous data analytics capability for process quality parameter prediction and fault detection is being tested in the Polybutene Unit (Viscosity Prediction) and the Refrigeration System (Dynamic Compressor Efficiency Prediction).


If you are attending Emerson Exchange and have an interesting in learning more about continuous data analytics and the field trail at Lubrizol, then I would like to invite you to attend one of the two workshop presentations on this field trail, Application of Online Data Analytics to a Continuous Process Polybutene Unit, session 8-1332. (Wed, Oct 10t, 8- 8:45am, Thursday, Oct 11th, 4:15-5:00pm).

The blogs I posted leading up to Emerson Exchange will address some of the challenges associated with on-line continuous analytics and how we have addressed these in the prototype design and implementation.