Advanced Control Foundation – ISA Web Site

Last week Mark Nixon, Willy Wojsznis and I completed the final type set review of Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications. It is always a good feeling to reach this point when writing a book. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques and Applications will be available in the ISA bookstore at ISA Automation Week, September 24-27, 2012, Orlando, Florida. If you would like to learn more about this book or to order a copy now then you can do this through the ISA web site shown below.

The Look Inside portion of this web page can be accessed to view the book’s table of content and under the Preview selection you can read a portion of a chapter from the book. If you plan on attending Emerson Exchange 2012, October 12-18, Anaheim, California then you can look over and purchase the book in the ISA bookstore area at Emerson Exchange.