Advanced Control Foundation – Book’s Web Site

A workshop is provided at the end of each chapter of Advanced Control Foundation – Tools, Techniques, and Applications that explores the technology. One of the unique features of the book is that the reader may view the workshop solution by going to the web site (http://www.advancedcontrolfoundation.com. ) that accompanies the book. All you need to access and use the web site is a web browser. The workshops for Advanced Control Foundation are displayed on the home page, as shown below.

Selecting a workshop from the Workshops list takes you to the selected workshop. For example, selecting Evaluating Control System Performance under Workshops opens the interface for this workshop as shown below

Selecting the Solution tab opens a video in the lower portion of the screen that shows the exercise solution. We are in the process of creating the YouTube videos that will be included under the Solutions tab. This work on the web site will be completed before the book is shipped from the printer to ISA Automation week.