IEC/ISA Meeting During ISA Automation Week

IEC accepted the U.S. National Committee’s offer to hold IEC/TC 65, SC 65A, SC 65B, SC 65C and SC 65E meetings during the weeks of 17-21 and 24-28 September 2012 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando Florida, USA. Subcommittee meetings are schedules the week before the start of ISA Automation Week. The plenary will consist of four days of IEC TC65 and subcommittee meetings and a special one-day IEC Automation Forum, planned in conjunction with ISA Automation Week.

I am the US expert to the SC65E WG7 committee that is addressing Field Device Integration (FDI) standard, IEC 62769. The WG7 committee will meet September 18-20 and report on their progress in the SC65E meeting schedule for September 27th.

The Field Device Integration (FDI) standard is broken into seven parts:

  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: FDI Client
  • Part 3: FDI Server
  • Part 4: FDI Packages
  • Part 5: FDI Information Model
  • Part 6: FDI Technology Mapping
  • Part 7: FDI Communication Devices

A second committee draft (CD) of the standard was distributed earlier this year for comment. In this meeting at ISA Automation Week the WG7 committee will address comments that were filed by the countries that reviewed the latest draft standard.

The ISA104 committee that promotes the IEC 61804 Standard – Function blocks (FB) for Process Control and Electronic device description language (EDDL) – is also scheduled to meet on Monday, September 24th at ISA Automation Week. In this meeting some of the topics that the committee will address are:

  • ISA104 internal organization – review and discuss. Begin discussions on how the ISA104 committee will in the future promote FDI. FDI tools should be available by July 2013. Explore the possibility of ISA104 hosting a booth at ISA Automation Week, 2013 to promote FDI tools.
  •  An overview of the FDI standardization process – groups involved and target dates for review and approval of FDI documents. New work item proposal to write mapping documents for fieldbus technologies.
  • Report on WG7 work to update the IEC 61804 documents. In particular review the target dates for CD, CDV.

If you have an interest in the work of ISA104 and plan on attending ISA Automation week then feel free to sit in on the ISA104 committee meeting and listen to the presentations and discussions. The ISA104 meetings are open to outside observers.