Addressing Control Applications Using WirelessHART Devices

At Emerson Exchange, 2012 I will be co-presenting a workshop with Mark Nixon and Marty Zielinski titled Addressing Control Applications Using WirelessHART Devices. In this workshop we will be address the technical basis for the PID modification, known as PIDPlus, that are included in DeltaV v11 to address control using the non-period, slow measurement updates from wireless devices. Also, we will discuss the added capability for wireless control that is embedded in DeltaV v12.

Our work on continuous control using wireless devices was initiated long before the WirelessHART specification was released and approved by IEC as the first international standard for wireless communication in process automation, IEC 62591. Emerson has been granted three (3) patents on different aspects of control using wireless devices. These patents address the PIDPlus capability that is included in DeltaV. Thus, if you are planning on attending Emerson Exchange 2012 and are considering using WirelessHART devices in a control application then you may want to attend this workshop. It is a way to quickly come up to speed on the capability embedded in DeltaVv11 and DeltaV v12 to address continuous control application using WirelessHART devices.

In the workshop we will show some field results where WirelessHART has been successfully utilized in continuous control applications. Also, in the workshop we will provide an overview of the capability that is currently being introduced to address discrete control applications using WirelessHART On/Off valves. A video will be used in the workshop to show some installations of this discrete control capability.