Field Device Integration (FDI) Standard – IEC62769

The SC65E WG7 committee met May 28-June1, 2012 in Meisdorf, Germany. In this meeting the committee addressed work that is part of the maintenance cycle for IEC61804 – Function blocks (FB) for process control. Also, much of the meeting discussion focused on work related to the development of IEC 62769 Field device integration (FDI) standard. The committee reviewed and approved resolutions of comments received on the first committee draft (CD1) of the FDI standard issued in January, 2012.

The WG7 meeting in Meisdorf was attended by experts that represent the US, Italy, Japan, UK, and Germany. I am the US expect to WG7 and attended this meeting.

The Field Device Integration (FDI) draft standard was created by the major control system and field device manufacturers. This standard combines into one technology the best aspects of EDDL and FDT/DTM. The FDI standard currently consists of seven parts:

  • Part 1: Overview
  • Part 2: FDI Client
  •  Part 3: FDI Server
  • Part 4: FDI Packages
  • Part 5: FDI Information Model
  • Part 6: FDI Technology Mapping
  • Part 7: FDI Communication Devices

In addition, as discussed in the Meisdorf meeting, new parts are planned for communication mapping. These communication profiles will address Foundation Fieldbus H1, Foundation Fieldbus HSE, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, HART and WirelessHART. Thus, the FDI specification will have a major impact on distributed control system and field device manufactures.