PID Advances in Industrial Control

I was honored to be one of the three plenary speakers at the IFAC PID’12 conference. My presentation was scheduled on the last day of the conference, Friday, March 30, 2012. The topic of my talk was PID Advances in Industrial Control. In this presentation I address the fact that major advances have been made over the last ten years in the basic PID technology of modern distributed control systems.

In the presentation I address the impact that international standards have on control implementation and the tools utilized in industry for monitoring and commissioning PID control. I use examples to illustrate how new technologies, such as model switching for process identification, have allowed manufacturers to introduce a new level of ease-of-use in tools developed for on-demand and adaptive tuning. I also discuss PID modifications that provide improve the speed of recovery from process saturation conditions that are common in industrial applications. Also, I provided details on PID modifications that enable effective control with non-periodic measurement updates by wireless transmitters. Finally, I finished the talk with some a brief discussion of prospective future directions for industrial PID controllers.

The paper for my plenary talk may be freely downloaded from the web site set up by IFAC. Also, I recorded the plenary presentation. The presentation is a little over 40 minutes in length and can be accessed using the viewer shown below.

A video of all three plenary presentations and copies of these presentations may be downloaded from the web site established for the conference.