Event Based PID Control

An entire session of the IFAC PID’12 conference was dedicated to Event Based PID Control. The introduction of wireless transmitters in the process industry is one of the primary motivations for the research in this area. Willy Wojsznis and I both sat in on this session to see the latest work in this area. I was pleasantly surprised that one of the paper presented in this session explored the use of PIDPlus for control using wireless devices.

This paper , On Event-based PI Control for Firstorder Processes, was presented by Daniel Lehmann, Automatic Control Laboratory, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SWEDEN. His presentation generated much interest. In the paper, results are presented where the classic PI controller is replaced with PIDPLUS, The performance of the PIDPLUS in an event-based fashion are analyzed, and a stability analysis is provided. It is shown that this approach ensures set-point tracking and disturbance rejection as in classic time periodic implementations of PI controller, while greatly reducing the number of sensor transmissions.

If you would like to read this paper, On Event-based PI Control for Firstorder Processes, then the paper may be downloaded at the web site created by IFAC.