Intelligent PID Product Design

Willy Wojsznis is the primary author of a paper on Intelligent PID Product Design that was written for the IFAC PID’12 conference. The paper was scheduled to be presented in the first session of the conference on Wednesday, March 28, 2012. Unfortunately, Willy was delayed in getting to the conference. Thus, since I was a co-author of the paper, I presented this paper at the conference to a nearly packed room.

In the paper we define Intelligent PID design to include a PID algorithm with diverse standard options and algorithm extensions for wireless/event-driven control. The core of the PID intelligence is adaptive process modeling based on model switching and parameter interpolation. The developed process model is applied to loop tuning, adaptive control, loop performance evaluation and valve diagnostics.

The paper Intelligent PID Product Design may be freely downloaded from the web site set up by IFAC. Also, I recorded the paper presentation. The presentation is a little over 15 minutes in length and can be accessed using the viewer shown below.

Also, the viewer controls shown above may be used to download the presentation file.