Control Using Wireless Devices – Field Results Part 1

Broadley James manufactures bioreactors and control systems (based on DeltaV) that are used in the life science industry. To explore the use of WirelessHART transmitters in bioreactor control, a portable Hyclone 100 liter disposable bioreactor was instrument with a Rosemount WirelessHART gateway and transmitters for measurement and control of pH and temperature. A WirelessHART transmitter was also installed to monitor pressure. The installation is shown below.

At this site the WirelessHART pH transmitter was configured for Window communication and the temperature transmitter was configured for Continuous communications. The temperature control provided by PIDPlus and WirelessHART transmitter is shown below of a batch run using mammalian cell culture.

Very precise pH control was achieved using PIDPlus and Window communications as illustrated below.