Teaching the 9025 Class – Costa Rica

The week of January 8th, 2012 I traveled to our office in Costa Rica to teach the 9025 class. This class was created last year by Emerson’s education department to provide training on the basics of process control and instrumentation. The lecture material and student workshops included in the class are based on the book Control Loop Foundation – Batch and Continuous Processes. This class is normally scheduled for 4 ½ days. However, for the two classes I taught in Costa Rica, each class was condensed into 2 days. In two days it is possible to cover all the terms, concepts and techniques that a control engineer normally uses in the process industry. The students seemed to get a lot out of doing the workshops that are included in the book and on the book web site. Also, in this class I spent some time covering the chapter in the book on the development of dynamic simulations to support control system checkout and operator training. Many of the students in the class were especially interested in this area since they work on development of process simulations within the operator training group.

There were 20 students in each class. The training class room in Costa Rica and students in the second 9025 class are shown below.

It was a real pleasure working with the students in Costa Rica.  The city of San Jose is quite large. However, in most areas of the city some of the rich vegetation native to this climate has been preserved. Below is a picture showing a view of the city from my hotel window.