Different but the Same

My blogs have a new home on the Control magazine website www.controlglobal.com. I have had a wonderful run here for the last 5 years with 230 posts. I came up with the name of this website to show the importance and interrelationship of modeling and control. Jim Cahill and Deb Franke designed the website and got me started in sharing my knowledge in the dynamic world of process control through social media. I had a great time and I thank Emerson for the support in this endeavor and my exploration via virtual plants of the many opportunities for process control improvement. In particular, I appreaciate the enthusiastic encouragement of Mark Nixon and Grant Wilson to push process control and social media constraints.

I chose the Control magazine for my new home to join Bela Liptak and Greg Shinskey who are frequent contributors. I had the honor of being inducted into the Control magazine Process Automation Hall of Fame the inaugural year with them.  I consider Liptak and Shinskey to be my best source of practical information on process control.

To see my blogs, go to the Control Global website and in the middle of the page from the “select a blog” pull down menu choose “Control Talk Blog” or go to “Community” tab on top and in the right side under blogs select “Control Talk Blog.” The content of the blogs will be highly technical and detailed almost like a mini white paper as seen here on this site. There will be links to my Control Talk column, Chemical Processing articles, Control articles, InTech articles, blogs on this website, and excerpts from existing or in-progress books. I have a new book on reactor control in-progress and I am doing studies via a virtual plant for the overdue fifth edition of Tuning and Control Loop Performance.

My first blog is “What is the Best PID Execution Time?