Control Using Wireless Devices – Part 1

Work on the WirelessHART specification began over seven years ago. Since that time the WirelessHART specification has been published by the HART Communications Foundation. Also, in 2010 WirelessHART was approved by IEC as an international standard,  IEC 62591Ed. 1.0. From the very beginning, the WirelessHART design included the features required for both monitoring and control applications. When WirelessHART field devices are used in closed loop control, the PID must be modified to utilize the slow periodic or non-periodic exception reporting of measurement values. The PID in DeltaV v11 (released last year), includes the PIDPlus option that may be selected when using a WirelessHART transmitter in closed loop control.

Information on the PIDPlus feature and the performance that it enables when using wireless transmitters for control are addressed in the following:

Ove the next month, this blog series on Control Using Wireless Devices will explore the PIDPlus technology and the control performance that it enables using WirelessHART devices.