Field Device Integration (FDI)

In June, 2100 the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)  distributed a new project proposal 65E/199/NP, Devices and integration in enterprise systems; Field Device Integration (FDI) – Part 1 to 7. Voting on this proposal was completed in October, 2011 and the new project was approved. Within IEC the SC65E WG7 committee will address converting the draft FDI specifications into an international standard, IEC62769. A liaison D has been established with the FDI Cooperation, LLC – a company recently established by industry to develop a single common solution for Field Device Integration.

The first meeting of the WG7 committee was sponsored by the US and met December 12-14th, 2011 in Houston, TX. As the US Expert to this committee, I coordinate the arrangements for this meeting in Houston. The WG7 committee members are from a number of countries. Representatives from the US, Germany, UK and Japan attended this first meeting – shown below.

Work on the FDI standard will be addressed by the WG7 committee in conjunction with the liaison D to the FDI Cooperation, LLC. However, anyone is welcome to sit in on a WG7 committee meeting. The next committee meeting is scheduled for mid-2012 and will be hosted by Germany.